Michael Frankenberger is a film composer and classical artist born in Salzburg (Austria), known for his work Kennedy (History Channel), Stable (BBC | Main Theme by Lorne Balfe), Salzburg. Eine Kunstgeschichte, We Shall Not Die Now (Main Theme by Benjamin Wallfisch), Bang on Time (RedBull) and his solo albums Love Letters, Healing & In Silentio. With more than 30.000.000 Streams on Spotify Michael counts to one of the most streamed young classical ArtistsFor his work Michael was rewarded with a placement in the prestigious  Forbes 30 under 30 List in 2020 powered by Forbes Dach.

Michael has been writing and arranging additional music under Grammy-winner Lorne Balfe on over a dozen Projects including Gran Turismo, Steven Spielberg´s Life on Our Planet (Netflix) His Dark Materials (HBO/BBC) and Man Vs. Bee (Netflix). Having spent almost two years working with 14th Street Music, which was founded by Lorne Balfe and Oscar-Winner Hans Zimmer, Michael had the chance to gain a vast experience on various projects and styles in his early twenties. This led to writing additional Music for Ping-Pong: The Triumph and Yesteryear by Andew Kawczynski, Alexander: The Making of a God (Netflix) by Taran Mitchell and A Town Called Malice (Sky) by Alfie GodfreyMichael has already worked for a wide range of companies as freelance composer including Hans Zimmer’s Extreme Music / Bleeding Fingers Custom Music Shop, Gothic Storm Music and Atom Music Audio. Early on he also completed an internship at Hans Zimmer’s Remote Control Productions in Los Angeles in Summer 2018.

His music has been licensed and screened by major TV stations such as Netflix, HBO, BBC, NBC, Fox Network, 3Sat, ORF and many more. For his music Michael has won several awards for Best Music at film festivals around the world. In 2022 he had the opportunity to be a speaker at TedX Salzburg talking about his work, creativity and much more.

In his early years, Michael performed at dozens of concerts and won several international competitions on the accordion. He then studied Composition (BA) and Music theory (BA) at the worldwide renowned University of Mozarteum in Salzburg.

Next to his work on Feature Films, TV Series, Shortfilms, Library Music and Concert Music since 2017, Michael collaborated with Dominic Muhrer from The Makemakes to write and produce a Songs for films like Salzburg. Eine Kunstgeschichte. . He also composed for several commercials. corporate Videos and Soundbrandings for clients like Porsche Holding,  Voestalpine, MAN, Verbund, S-Link and many more. In 2021 Michael had the chance to write the music for Arnold Schwarzenegger´s Austrian World Summit which took place in Vienna on 1st July. Recorded at Synchron Stage, „Voce Salis“ is Michael´s new work for Salzwelten Altaussee which can be heard at the underground lake. Voce Salis won the Caesar Award & Austricaus Price.

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